Deidra Laurel
Coldwell Banker Realty


We could not have found or asked for a better PROFESSIONAL than Deidra Laurel in the selling of our home! We have always felt that Deidra had our best interest in mind in all decisions we have had to make along the way in the selling of our home! Selling your home is both a difficult and stressful time and it is sure awesome to have someone in your corner to take a lot of the burden and headaches away! Deidra is very versed in the area and truly knows what home values are and works for you to get your home bought or sold in this range! We strongly suggest that you reach out to Deidra Laurel with any of your home needs! - Mike and Marie Crocker ( mmcrocker2013)

My wife and I just closed on our first house, and I can't imagine having had a better person to represent and help us than Deidra. At every step along the way, she was ready and charging ahead to make sure we had the best possible experience with as little difficulty as possible. From negotiating  prices and discounts to taking care of issues and potential snags that came out of the blue, she had our absolute best interest at heart the entire time. It is obvious now that her baseline operating procedure is to always be going the extra mile. If you are looking for a home along the front range, I cannot recommend working with Deidra enough. Not only was she the upmost professional when it came to the actual purchasing of the house, her unyielding compassion for those she is working with was always apparent. - Dallas Hendricks

Deidra is incredible and working with her was an absolute joy. She is highly responsive, charming, kind, and ridiculously hard working. She consistently went above and beyond for us - not just once or twice but several times she surprised us with something that was so thoughtful, and completely unexpected. (For example, we were away when we closed on the house, and Deidra went over to water the gardens so they wouldn't die and she MOWED THE LAWN for us!) My husband and I are first time home buyers with a very limited budget considering the area we wanted to buy in. Our process was not at all straightforward, and Deidra went to bat for us every single time, reassuring us, and letting us know what was realistic and what she needed. Every interaction we had with her was pleasant and reassuring. And we wound up with a home that is so much better than we ever expected! I HIGHLY recommend working with Deidra (especially first time home buyers!! I can't imagine having someone better than Deidra to walk you through this overwhelming process!)  - Cathlin Hendricks

Deidra is the utmost professional, and I would highly recommend her to any buyer or seller. She helped my husband and I buy our dream home, and we couldn't be happier. Deidra negotiated with only our best interests at heart, and we could not be more satisfied with our purchase. - Francheska Figueroa

Very knowledgeable and kept the buying and selling process moving along successfully. Practical problem solving and goal setting assist me through buying/selling since it had been years since I had dealt with real estate. - (faerieflight)

Deidra was born and raised in Boulder County so her knowledge of the area is fantastic, both geographically and geologically. I used Deidra for both my sale and purchase transactions. Going under contract was relatively easy, but the buyer's lending issues required vigilant monitoring and Deidra represented me professionally, with assertiveness. On the buy side, my search took us through the counties of Boulder, Weld, and Larimer. Deidra was knowledgeable on schools, commerce, lifestyle, and transportation in/out of all areas. Ultimately I purchased a property that was not on the market and asked Deidra to contact the owner on my behalf. She knew my budget and she was successful in negotiating a fair price for myself and the seller. Deidra coordinated both sides of the transaction, including them renting back for 30 days, and all details related to buyer and seller matters. To say I took her outside the standard box is an understatement yet she kept pace with my constant online searches, looking at over 100 homes, and final request out of left field. I can't say enough about Deidra and have NO HESITATION in recommending her! - (swristen)